Mark Putman (Bass/piano)

Mark is an accomplished songwriter, bassist, keyboardist, and member of the band Sixteen Cities, a nationally acclaimed worship band. With over 150 touring dates over 2016, Mark has established himself as a key player in the local and national communities he’s been a part of.

From the age of 10, Mark has pursued music personally and professionally. Classically trained in piano and then learning a host of other instruments on his own, he’s secured positions at churches spanning the DFW area over the course of his professional career; penning dozens of songs and working on projects for indie, metal, rock, and folk bands. He’s worked for artists like Jenny Lee Riddle, Jeff Berry, and of course his own band, Sixteen Cities, and shared the stage with the likes of Tenth Avenue North, Hawk Nelson, Lauren Daigle, Mr. Talkbox, Trip Lee, and others.

As an artist, Mark has dedicated himself to his craft. Whether as a bassist, a coach, a studio musician, or a touring band member, he is known to bring passion and creativity to the table.