Neill Skylar (Vocals)

Neill Skylar is a singer/songwriter/actress who is passionate about coaching artists to reach their full potential. Since a young girl she was drawn to the stage & spent every moment outside of school performing in musical theatre and dance. During high school she won a nationwide audition for a girl band that moved her to Los Angeles. At 18, she began living there on her own & booked several feature films along with prime time television shows such as CSI:NY and top host on Fuel TV. Musically, she played in several bands, one of her favorites being Vaud & The Villians. While in Dallas, she hosted an app series, and began her own band, Kitty LaLa. Shortly after, she was cast on Bravo TV’s, “Most Eligible Dallas”. Currently, she is working with an acclaimed Nashville song writer to develop young talent.
“I LOVE coaching other artists, despite what level they’re at. My first priority is to teach them how to use their instrument correctly so they can thrive in it, building its strength as opposed to hurting it with unintentional strain. Secondly, I individually tailor my lessons specifically to enhance all the unique aspects (weaknesses, strengths, vocal tone, performance) to make them the best they can be. Without confidence, you’re lucky if you achieve even half of your potential. I’m about building confidence as they grow through training…. and because I love what I do, my clients have excelled. No time to waste, let’s get rocking!”