Perry Neal (Owner)

Perry designed and built The Track Studio in Feb 2008.  Having spent his first 15 years after graduating from Ohio State with Pillsbury, Pepsico, and concluding with Cendant as Vice President of Franchise Sales, he embarked upon a more entrepreneurial career.  From 1999-2008 he launched and led several franchise expansion projects internationally.  Most notable of these assignments were Coldwell Banker, GMAC, and Huis & Hypotheek (a Dutch mortgage franchise).  Perry led the expansion of these brands internationally as head of franchise development, having done the initial research, prepared the business plans, sold the master franchise licenses to local investors, and ultimately provided leadership to the local operational teams in each country.

After working in 16 countries, spending 1,000+ days and logging 4,000,000 flight miles travelling it was time to change the scenery and thus began The Track Studio.  The Track Studio began as one of the most sought after recording studios in the Dallas Metroplex.  Artists from all over the US and some international bands came to the studio to record.  The studio offered a large tracking room capable of handling large bands and many genres of music.  Equipment choices for both analog and digital recording were second to none in the DFW area.  The studio did a variety of sound recording including music, audio books, commercials, and voiceovers.

In 2007 modifications to the floor plan were completed in order to re-position the brand from predominantly recording to that of a music school offering lessons, rehearsals, live shows, and private events.  With 6 private lesson rooms, 2 rehearsal rooms, and a 1,200 live stage The Track Studio is well positioned to assume a leadership position among music schools in the DFW marketplace!