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Just a Few of Our Past Shows:

3/3/17:  Motel Pines w/ The Moment Before, The Robot Bonfire, & Nonstarter

2/24/17:  Cat Kydd, Under, Sono, Broken English, and Through Blind Eyes

1/13/17: Not Ur Girlfrenz, Love Past Blue, Alora and Elisabeth, Random Notes, Audio Rush

1/7/17: Abacu5, Better Now, Sacrifice The Minions

12/9/16: GAR, Rich Boys SGE, raMar, Ruben Salinas, Papi Yayo, Pine Bros

11/5/16: Dallas American Wake Tour Outpost

10/30/16: Farewell, My Love, Matt Skajem, The Jameson Fog, 27th Letter, High Roller & The Mystic, Scarlett Fever

10/22/16: Alora & Elisabeth, Ashton, Cole Wilkinson, Jaxson Mueller w/ special guest DJ 3njoice.

9/24/16: Same Brain, Karoline Milton, Play The Ace, Love Past Blue

9/3/16: The Polarity, Saints of Gold, Cade Vandare, Trevor Douglas, Sleeping Bear, 27th Letter

8/19/16: Gul, Also Us, Plans

7/16/16: Stuck on E, West Means Home, Alora & Elisabeth, Ashton, Sunraider, Cade Vandare, Matthew Fiock

8/8/15 : Tempest Barnes – “Memoirs” Album Release (private party)

7/26/14 : Taylor Turner – “Versus” Album Release (private party)

6/28/14 : The Five Hands – “I’m Ok At A Stalemate” Album Release (private party)

4/26/14 : Nathan Graham & The Blacklist Band (private party)

6/8/10 : Iron Maiden – “The Final Frontier” Album Release (private party)