The Track Studio Music Lessons

Guitar, Piano, Drum, Vocal Lessons

The Track Studio is a music school providing guitar, bass, drum, piano, keyboards, and vocal lessons to students ages 6 through adult.

We provide a comfortable music environment which offers a quality learning experience. All of our private instructional rooms are spacious, acoustically treated and isolated from adjacent rooms. We have flexible hours and offer lessons 7 days a week to meet busy school/work schedules of our students.

Our music curriculum is a balance of structured content along with specially catered student interest areas. We let our teachers manage the pace and style of each student’s curriculum. While there will always be music theory, chords, and exercises conducive to development, the mix of these components we believe best left to student/teacher discretion.

Performance-based learning and accountability we believe to be of paramount importance. We are strong proponents of students playing in bands or in small groups whether it is just for fun and “jamming” or for audiences at local venues. To do our part every student will have a quarterly showcase event if in a band, or individual recital if a soloist.

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Our Teachers

We offer instrument and vocal lessons Mon-Fri: 3pm to 9pm and Sat-Sun: 12pm to 6pm.

Pricing and policies: We offer 3 lengths of guitar, vocal, drum, and piano lessons and never require a contract. Prices are noted below and are priced for 4 lessons:

30 minute lessons – $125 per month.
60 minute lessons – $220 per month.

An initial registration fee of $25 applies to all weekly lesson programs.

Billing Cycles: Each student is required to prepay for the upcoming month of lessons in advance, due the first day of each month. Months that have less, or more lessons than the customary 4 lessons will be adjusted at the time of payment. The studio will post holidays for each month and offer alternative dates for those student’s lessons impacted. Payments can be conveniently made online by credit card or at the studio by check, or cash.

Schedule: Students are encouraged to maintain the same appointment time each week, except during holiday weeks whereby the studio will post such schedule. In cases where an alternate time or day is selected it must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson. Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Missed Lessons & Tardiness: Students may make up missed sessions twice (2x) per year. Lessons must be maintained in their respective time slots and will not be extended for students arriving tardy. Lateness of more than 15 minutes of the scheduled lesson will be considered absent. Students will be billed for the full session if absent unless the studio was notified 24 hours prior stating the student would be missing the session and requesting a make-up lesson. The studio will prominently post to its website notices of cancellation due to extraordinary circumstances such as bad weather.

Instrument Maintenance: Students should bring instruments to their lessons that are tuned and properly maintained so that the training experience is maximized. Always remember to bring your music or if it is lost immediately advise the studio so that we may replace it (the student must bear the cost of replacement). Students will be taught proper use of studio supplied equipment and are expected to adhere to such care guidelines.

Arrival, Departure, and Waiting Room: Parents are asked to drop off and pick up students no more than 15 minutes prior to, or after conclusion of the student’s lesson. Further, we recommend that families limit the number of members brought to attend lessons as a courtesy to others. Persons waiting in the reception or lobby area should wait quietly so as not to disturb students and instructors.

Termination of Lessons: Lessons will be automatically terminated if payment is more than one month overdue. You will receive an e-mail of the termination. Complete payment will need to be made before lessons can begin again. If you should choose to terminate your lessons at any point in time we ask that you notify us a month in advance.

Band Program: Our band program takes on several forms, each to cater to the elements of personal development of music skills and having fun. Participation in a band ensures the student to get stage exposure at least once each semester, 3 times per calendar year on our main stage.

Jam Band

Jam band is designed for beginner to intermediate students performing in groups of up to 8-12 persons with the aid of a band coach each practice. This program is held daily in 2-hour time blocks. Students will rotate positions during a weekly practice as there may be multiple players in various instrument positions. Band coaches will select approximately 6-8 songs for the students to practice. The studio furnishes drum set, keyboards, amplifiers, vocal microphones, and PA with students only required to bring their instruments. Jam bands can be for both youth and adults. The price of jam band participation is $100 per student, per month.

Band Pro

This program is for more advanced players and designed to elevate student’s capabilities to perform live at both the studio and at local venues in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Students who enter this program are expected to have a serious commitment to music and the course design is to learn life skills that assist them in getting good gigs to play. Practices will be 2 or 3 hours in duration weekly at the studio under the guidance of a senior band coach. Bands will select their music with input from the coach. They will be required to write song material each quarter, take introductory sound engineering lessons, perform a 30 minute showcase each quarter at the studio, and record an album once per year at the studio consisting of at least 2 original songs and 5 songs total on the album. Like jam bands, participants can be either youth or adult. Pricing for practices only (recording training, song writing, and recording priced separately):

2 hour weekly practices $125 per band member per month.

Rehearsals: The Track Studio offers private rehearsal rooms for bands of up to 5 members. We provide drum set, PA, up to 3 vocal mics/stands, and mixer. Bands must bring cymbals, instruments, and amplifiers. Musicians can rent guitar and bass amplifiers for a modest cost. A rehearsal may be scheduled M-TH 12pm-8pm, FR/SA/SU hours are 12pm-6pm.

Room rates for up to 5 band members are:

$90 per rehearsal for a single, 3-hour session
$150 per rehearsal for use of the main stage room for a single, 3-hour session

Pay Tuition

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We offer guitar, vocal, bass, drum, and piano lessons in DFW